Google Employee Fired Over Viewpoint Diversity Memo Files Federal Labor Complaint

The Associated Press

James Damore, the former Google employee who was fired after authoring an internal memo challenging the company’s narrative on gender diversity and calling for more viewpoint diversity, has filed a complaint against his former employer with the National Labor Review Board.

Damore filed his complaint with the N.L.R.B. prior to being fired by Google. According to the New York Times, Demore said upper management had been “misrepresenting and shaming me in order to silence my complaints,” adding that it was illegal to retaliate against an N.L.R.B. complaint.

“I have a legal right to express my concerns about the terms and conditions of my working environment and to bring up potentially illegal behavior, which is what my document does,” said Damore.

Google is already facing two cases with the N.L.R.B., one of which was filed in 2015, and another from 2016. Both are still open — and Damore’s will add a third.

Both existing cases allege that Google engages in coercion, including threats and surveillance, against its employees. The first complaint alleges an improper layoff, and both complaints allege improper retaliation.

In one of our recent interviews, a current Google employee (alias “Hal”) confirmed that “interfering with employees’ legal right to discuss ‘workplace diversity and social justice initiatives,'” was part of the reason for at least one N.L.R.B. complaint.

Google is also being sued by an anonymous product manager for allegedly running a “spying program” against its employees. This case, like the N.L.R.B. complaints, is ongoing.

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