University of Michigan Students Shout Over, Interrupt Charles Murray Lecture


Several student protesters at the University of Michigan attempted to derail a Charles Murray lecture event that took place on campus on Wednesday night.

Student protesters hijacked a lecture by American Enterprise Institute Scholar Charles Murray on Wednesday evening. “Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist, KKK! Charles Murray go away; sexist, racist KKK!” they chanted, before several students took turns addressing the audience individually.

One protester stormed the stage and posed a question to Murray: “Do you not understand that your book undermines our very means of speaking?”

“Does it make you feel good that your work is on white supremacist websites?” another student yelled out from the crowd.

After several minutes of interruptions, the protesters eventually left the venue.  Reason Magazine’s Robby Soave, who was in attendance, noted that there were at least 10 campus police officers on hand for the lecture. Soave noted that protesters robbed some students of the chance to find a seat in the auditorium.

He noted that several students had set up their phone alarms to go off at the time that Murray was scheduled to start speaking.

Soave claims that an administrator asking for civility was ultimately what allowed the event to proceed.


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