Michigan State Dean and Nassar Boss William Strampel Arrested for Sexual Assault

Former boss of serial sexual abuser Larry Nassar charged

Former Michigan State University Dean William Strampel, Dr. Larry Nassar’s former boss, was arrested last week on sexual assault charges.

William Strampel, the former dean of the Michigan State’s osteopathic medical school, was arrested last week on charges related to the alleged inappropriate touching of a student and the storing of nude photos of female students. Strampel, who was arrested during an investigation into his handling of child sex abuse complaints against Dr. Larry Nassar, faces fourth-degree criminal sexual conduct charges.

A university document including notes from Strampel’s personnel file reveals a trend of disturbing behavior.

“Dean Strampel should not interject sex into every conversation with staff and students,” one commenter wrote.

 “As a female faculty (member), an argument may be made that I could have the possibility of being treated better than my male counterparts, especially if I have a pretty face and a curvaceous figure, well-dressed in short skirts and low-cut tops,” another stated.

“I have witnessed unprofessional and sexual comments from the dean about female students – including remarks from the dean of a female wearing ‘come (expletive) me heels’ and another instance where he admitt(ed) to knowing a student for a long period and how ‘she certainly filled out nicely,'” another read.

Documents from the investigation into Strampel revealed that the university was likely aware of his unprofessional conduct. The Detroit News published an editorial this week entitled “MSU knowingly kept a predator on payroll.”

“The excerpts from Dr. William Strampel’s performance review raise a critical question: What’s it take to get fired from Michigan State University? ” the editorial began.

In a 2010 document, Michigan State Provost Kim Wilcox endorsed Strampel in his role as dean despite concerns over his conduct. “Our several discussions over the past several months have reinforced my commitment and that of Dean Strampel to advancing the goals of the College within the broad mission of Michigan State University,” Wilcox wrote.

Strampel’s arrest comes in the middle of an investigation into Michigan State University’s mishandling of child sex abuse allegations against Dr. Larry Nassar.


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