Producer of Anti-Twitter ‘Day For Freedom’ Banned from Platform After Posting Promotion of Event

REUTERS/Dado Ruvic
REUTERS/Dado Ruvic

Producer George Llewelyn-John, who works with a number of right-wing media figures, received a temporary Twitter ban after he uploaded a promotional video for the upcoming free speech event “Day For Freedom.”

The ban was announced on Twitter by conservative author Lauren Southern and was further explained by Llewelyn-John in an email to Breitbart Tech.

“I posted that tweet while working on the promo materials for the Day for Freedom event. Almost immediately after tweeting that I created a Twitter account for the event. It was immediately suspended,” claimed Llewelyn-John. “I was trying to work out why and just couldn’t. I hadn’t tweeted anything or followed anyone or even uploaded a profile picture. I signed out of the account and back in to my own account and suddenly get a message saying that my account has been suspended and I then clicked through and was taken to that tweet.”

“What’s weirder is that then when I tested it out and tried retweeting some stuff I received the next message which said that my account ‘is owned by someone who has recently been permanently suspended for abuse’. I tried using another phone number, computer and email address to create the Day for Freedom Twitter page and again it was suspended immediately,” he continued, adding, “I don’t understand how it could have been an algorithmic thing as its too obscure to catch a profile with literally only the name DayforFreedomUK, but the alternative, that someone is sitting there watching what I’m doing as the producer of that video and the event is just too horrifying.”

The promo video for Day For Freedom featured Tommy Robinson, who organized the event, along with Lauren Southern, Gavin McInnes, Stefan Molyneux, Count Dankula, Martin Sellner, Brittany Pettibone, Milo Yiannopoulos, Anne Marie Waters, Raheem Kassam, Sargon of Akkad, Caolan Robertson, and Gerard Batten.

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