Dr. Robert Epstein: Google Has the ‘Power to Flip Elections in a Way that No One Can Trace’

Professor Epstein Town Hall

Psychologist and author Dr. Robert Epstein appeared on SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Wednesday, to discuss Google’s political manipulation.

“We are very fortunate to get the first look at his latest research project from the team at the American Institute of Research and Technology, and Breitbart got the jump on this, and it reveals some truly startling data. It shows that Google Search manipulation can swing nearly 80% of undecided voters basically,” declared Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow. “Correct me if I’m wrong Doctor and please expand on the nuances of this, that if people are fed negative or positive search results about a candidate or a topic or etc, they can affect as many as 40% positive or 40% negative of undecided voters which means it could really swing virtually everyone who’s undecided.”

“That’s right and of course in most elections, especially close ones, it’s the undecided people who determine the outcome of the election, so if you can swing a lot of undecided people — and Google has at least three ways to do that that we’re studying,” responded Epstein. “You can do it without them knowing, then you have the power to flip elections in a way that no-one can trace.”

After being asked by Marlow whether it was possible to track search engine manipulation, Epstein replied, “Generally speaking there isn’t a way, because these are called ephemeral events, they’re generated on the fly just for you, they exist for a couple of seconds and then you click on something and they’re gone, and there’s no record of them.”

“With people on 3 continents, we’re working on a system that will preserve these ephemeral events, so we will eventually have very very good ways to track this kind of thing,” he continued. “But at the moment, yes that is true, and what I’m very much afraid of is the midterm elections, we might not be fully operational by then, and that would be a shame, because there are no records left of these kinds of shenanigans, these manipulations. If we don’t get our systems up and running at least a month before the elections, Google will be able to do all kinds of things to shift votes, with no record and no-one aware that they’re doing this.”

“Not only do I not have an agenda, but I’m definitely not a conservative. I was a strong supporter of Hillary Clinton in 2016, but I was just appalled at what was happening behind the scenes, because I believe in the free and fair election which is the cornerstone of our democracy,” Epstein explained. “I didn’t want Hillary to win because 1 or 2 huge corporations are backing her and doing things that should be illegal. I didn’t feel that was how she should win that election. Of course, she ended up losing because of what happened in some swing states and what happened with the electoral college, but she won the popular vote by almost 3 million, and I think those votes were obtained in a manner which I think should be illegal.”

Epstein then went on to discuss Google blacklists, claiming, “Google has at least 10 blacklists and some of them are very large. Google has the power to block access to websites, they block access to millions of websites any day and I don’t think people are aware of that at all.”

“They can demote companies in their search rankings and they do that all the time. They have so much power to decide what we see and what we don’t see, and what we don’t see a lot of that can be called censorship, and there are really no relevant laws or regulations to protect us from this technological monster,” he proclaimed. “The problem here for me politically is that they might favor Democrats politically today, but they might favor conservatives another day, who knows, they could favor Nazis, they could favor anyone! The problem is that they’re not accountable to the public, and we all have problems with the government from time to time, but at least our government is accountable to the public and we get to vote.”

“If people have any doubts about this, I would recommend strongly that they do the simplest tests that they could possibly do. Go to the Google Search engine, and ideally clear your cache and cookies if you know how to, but if you don’t, don’t worry about it, and just try typing into the search bar a single alphabet letter,” Epstein encouraged. “When I do that, when I type ‘a’, right at the top of the list or near the top, is Amazon. Now why am I getting Amazon, why is Google trying to send me to Amazon just because I’ve typed one alphabet letter so far? Well because Amazon turns out to be Google’s biggest advertiser, paying them almost $300 million a year right now, and Google is the single largest source of traffic to Amazon. So literally from the very first character that you type into that search bar you are being manipulated.”

Epstein claimed he almost laughs when people call him a conspiracy theorist, declaring, “What I am is a serious researcher who is just trying to get to the truth about these things. As far as these companies, Google and Facebook especially, supporting Democrats and Hillary Clinton, the documentation for that is overwhelming.”

“I mean Eric Schmidt, the head of Google at the time, he set up a secret company in 2016 called The Groundwork, which was mainly by people from Obama’s 2012 tech team. The sole purpose of The Groundwork was to put Hillary Clinton in office,” explained Epstein. “They’re out there in the public now, their emails that Eric Schmidt wrote to the Clinton campaign offering to supervise all of their tech operations for their campaign. We know there is very clear favoritism, this is not a conspiracy theory, and again, I want to emphasize to your listeners that I was a Hillary Clinton supporter, I still am a Hillary Clinton supporter, but I just don’t think that things should be done that way. I don’t think that any company should be able, whoever they’re favoring, should be able to shift millions of votes without anyone knowing, without leaving a paper trail, without a single trace, come on, that’s insane! That’s more absurd than the kind of fictional manipulation that we saw in novels like 1984!”

On the topic of surveillance, Epstein added that he was impressed Breitbart News’ emails don’t run through Google’s servers.

“One thing that impresses me about Breitbart is that your emails do not run through Google servers. All of the emails of the NYT, the Guardian, The Hill, the Economist, I’m not kidding you, they all run through Google servers, so there are hardly any news organizations that are truly separate from and independent from Google,” he expressed. “Breitbart is one of the only ones out there, believe it or not, everyone else is sharing everything they do, every bit of communication, every work project that they’re investigating is actually being shared with Google. Talk about surveillance, it’s incredible!”

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