South Wales Police Defend Facial Recognition System with 92% False Positives

Christopher Furlong/Getty Images

South Wales Police in the United Kingdom have defended their eight-percent accurate facial recognition system, declaring, “no facial recognition system is 100% accurate.”

According to Ars Technica, a “public records request shows that of the 2,470 alerts from the facial recognition system, 2,297 were false positives. In other words, nine out of 10 times, the system erroneously flagged someone as being suspicious or worthy of arrest.”

In defense of their facial recognition system, South Wales Police declared, “Of course no facial recognition system is 100% accurate under all conditions.”

“Technical issues are normal to all face recognition systems which means false positives will continue to be a common problem for the foreseeable future,” they declared, adding, “However since we introduced the facial recognition technology no individual has been arrested where a false positive alert has led to an intervention and no members of the public have complained.”

Privacy and civil liberties advocacy group Big Brother Watch criticized the system, claiming, “Not only is real-time facial recognition a threat to civil liberties, it is a dangerously inaccurate policing tool.”

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