CNN Contributor Dean Obeidallah Mistakes U.S. Military Uniform for ‘Nazi Outfit’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Liberal radio host and CNN contributor Dean Obeidallah apologized after mistaking the uniform of a deceased U.S. Army Captain for a “Nazi outfit” on Sunday.

After a Twitter user called one of Obeidallah’s Twitter posts “pretty bad,” Obeidallah responded, “Are u wearing a Nazi outfit?” in reference to the user’s profile picture, unaware that the photograph was of the user’s father, a U.S. Army Captain, who was killed during the Vietnam War.

“1. It’s my father and not me. 2. He was a captain in the US Army. 3. He was killed in Vietnam. 4. You’re embarrassing yourself,” the user responded, prompting Obeidallah to make an apology which also attacked supporters of President Trump.

“Let me do something Trump and Trumpers will never do and apologize,” he declared. “I had no idea and I sincerely couldn’t tell that was an American uniform nor that the photo was your late father. Your father was a true patriot.”

Obeidallah, who hosts SiriusXM Progress’ Dean Obeidallah Show and contributes to both CNN and the Daily Beast, displays the anti-Trump hashtag #TheResistance on his Twitter account.

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