Dr. Robert Epstein Reveals the Three Big Threats from the Masters of the Universe

Silicon Valley Masters Of Universe

Dr. Robert Epstein revealed the three big threats from Google, Facebook, and other Silicon Valley companies on SiriusXM Patriot’s Breitbart News Daily, Thursday, and explained how Google gets away with more than Facebook.

“There are three big problems,” claimed Epstein. “One of the problems is surveillance, the second is censorship, and the third is manipulation. When it comes to the three big problems, Google is the biggest threat for all three because Google does more surveillance, more censorship, and more manipulation than Facebook, and of course those two companies together, they pretty much do more than any other company in the world, or any other government for that matter probably.”

“Google simply is in more places. It’s monitoring us on more platforms, more methods than Facebook is,” he continued. “It has multiple blacklists, which it decides what we don’t see, and it has some extremely powerful ways for manipulating opinions, thoughts, purchases, and votes.”

“What would have happened on election day, 2016, if Mark Zuckerberg early that morning had decided to send out ‘Go out and vote’ reminders just to supporters of Hillary Clinton. We know from Facebook’s own published data that if Zuckerberg had done that, that might have given Hillary Clinton an additional 450,000 votes or more that day of people who otherwise would’ve stayed home,” Epstein explained. “He has that power, and the question is, how would we know if he did something like that?”

After being asked by Breitbart News Editor-In-Chief Alex Marlow why Facebook gets worse press than Google, Epstein responded, “Well, Google is fabulous at convincing us they’re just awesome, cool, hip… That they’re a big public library that just does dozens and dozens and things for us completely for free.”

“There’s Google Wallet, there’s Google Docs, there’s Gmail, there’s the Google search engine, and so on and so forth. So they just convince us over and over again that they’re just awesome and cool and love giving us free things, so generally speaking, people don’t understand how Google really works and what Google really is,” he proclaimed. “Facebook is a little more straightforward, we kind of know what Facebook is, we know we turn over information to Facebook, we know they use that to send us ads. Google is much more subtle in what they do, and I think people don’t really understand how Google works.”

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