Cambridge Professor Attends Campus Event Naked, Shocked when Criticized

Reuters/Shannon Stapleton

A professor at the storied and prestigious Cambridge University attended a recent campus event almost entirely naked to promote feminism.

Victoria Bateman, an economics lecturer at Cambridge University, attended a recent campus event in a transparent jumpsuit in order to promote feminism. Bateman proudly posted a photo of her outfit for the evening on her Twitter account and was quickly met with criticism.

“My Body My Choice should be the mantra for everyone,” Bateman said in an attempt to explain her decision to step onto campus almost entirely naked. “It sounds simple enough, but, increasingly, it’s a phrase from which people tend to pick and choose — to pick aspects that are important to them personally whilst ignoring those that are equally important to other women.”

Bateman seems to be under the impression that the naked female body is associated with shame and stigma. Her decision to bare it all at a Cambridge campus event was, according to her, an attempt to divorce society from this stigma. Such a perspective is ironic, of course, because if a man engaged in the same behavior, he would have likely been almost immediately terminated from his position.

Twitter users sounded off in response to Bateman’s tweet.

This is not the first time that Bateman has stripped down in public. Breitbart News reported in 2016 that Bateman also lost her clothes in an effort to protest the Brexit decision.


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