GOP Chairwoman Ronna McDaniel: Twitter Ignored Our Letter

Ronna Romney McDaniel Getty

Twitter ignored a letter sent to the company by GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel and Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Brad Parscale, according to McDaniel.

The letter, which was also sent to Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg, expressed concerns about the censorship of conservatives on social media. After two months, McDaniel says Twitter has yet to respond.

The letter noted that conservative users “have accused the company of unfairly targeting them, purging thousands of their followers in an attempt to stem “fake news” content, and unnecessarily prompting them to confirm their identity.”

Breitbart News reported on this mass purge, which saw thousands of conservatives locked out of their accounts and forced to verify their identities. A former Twitter employee blamed company head of Trust & Safety Del Harvey for the anti-conservative purge.

In their letter, McDaniel and Parscale also accused Twitter of having “allegedly targeted predominantly Republicans as part of a ‘shadow banning’ process, which covertly limits those accounts’ visibility on the platform.”

After years of ignoring the issue, far-left outlet Vice recently admitted that Twitter shadowbanning is real, following reports on social media that prominent Republicans, including Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) and Chairwoman McDaniel herself, were being suppressed in search results.

Twitter acknowledged the problem, but denied shadowbanning anyone, instead calling the search suppression an “error” related to their attempts to improve “conversational health.”

Parscale, though, isn’t buying it, calling “conversational health” a “new liberal phrase to spin conservative censorship.”

President Donald Trump isn’t happy either, calling Twitter’s practices “discriminatory and illegal,” and promising to take action.

After years of unfair bans and shadowy suppression of conservatives, it seems the chickens are finally coming home to roost for Twitter and its far-left CEO Jack Dorsey.

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