Claim: CNN’s Brian Stelter Mocks Alex Jones Following Big Tech Censorship Blitz

Amy Entelis, Alisyn Camerota, John Berman, Kelly Wallace, Brian Stelter, and Dave Briggs attend CNN Heroes 2017 at the American Museum of Natural History on December 17, 2017 in New York City. 27437_016 (Photo by Mike Coppola/Getty Images for CNN)
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A screenshot circulating on social media shows CNN’s Brian Stelter mocked Alex Jones during a live broadcast on the Periscope app shortly after Jones and his InfoWars website was censored by Apple, Facebook, YouTube, Spotify and Pinterest all in the space of 24 hours.

The screenshot, taken by journalist Ian Miles Cheong, shows an account with Stelter’s username mocking the viewership numbers on a Periscope live stream from Jones.

The username, @brianstelter, matches the CNN correspondent’s verified Periscope profile. While usernames can be faked by replacing a lowercase “L” with an uppercase “i,” this has not happened in the screenshot (note the curvature of the “l”).

It also makes sense that Stelter would be in a celebratory mood following the mass censorship of InfoWars, seeing as it was his far-left network that pressed hardest for it to happen.

He personally retweeted 20th Century Fox after its official Twitter account announced it had demanded a refund for ads that appeared on InfoWars videos. This followed a  piece on CNN in which the news network reached out to a variety of brands asking them their opinions on their ads running next to InfoWars videos.

Shortly after this piece, advertisers fled, and YouTube froze Alex Jones’ account.

CNN also went after Facebook on the same issue, stating the social media platform “struggles to explain why InfoWars isn’t banned.”

As Breitbart News’ Ben Kew pointed out, Stelter once argued that freedom of speech should apply on social media platforms. It seems he and his far-left network have changed their view. CNN, along with Democrats and other corporate media, played a central role in the pressure campaign on big tech to censor Alex Jones and InfoWars. The only question is, who’s next?

Brian Stelter did not return Breitbart News’ request for comment.

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