jared holt of Right Wing Watch

‘Right Wing Watch’ Author: I Was Jealous that Spotify Rejected My Podcast and Not Infowars’

Far left website Salon credited Jared Holt of Right Wing Watch, along with Matt Rivitz’s anti-conservative harassment campaign Sleeping Giants, for catalyzing the purge of Alex Jones and Infowars from major tech platforms earlier this week. Holt’s involvement appears to be motivated by jealousy — he stated, “I guess I was a little bit offended that Alex Jones was able to get on the air and I wasn’t.”

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Spotify Virtue Signals Against Trump Travel Ban

Spotify has launched an artistic collaboration called “I’m with the banned,” in an effort to protest against President Trump’s travel ban, which was recently put back into effect after a previous court order against it was struck down.


Album Sales Hit All-Time Low as Listeners Keep Streaming

Album sales have hit their lowest point in the first half of this year since tracking began in 1991, as listeners increasingly use streaming services like Spotify and Pandora and video-sharing website like YouTube to get their music fix.

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Spotify’s Political Censorship Should Worry Us All

Music streaming service Spotify has implemented political censorship on its platform, marking another step in the transition of neutral online platforms to moral censors. It has begun with an easy target, white nationalist bands. Who could object to the censorship of white nationalists?

Barack Obama

‘The Best Is Yet To Come’ – Obama Releases Summer Vacation Spotify Playlist

Some themes obviously reflect his current mood in his presidency including “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill, and “The Best Is Yet To Come” by Frank Sinatra. After beginning with an inexplicably jazzy version of the Sound Of Music’s “My Favorite Things,” the playlist predictably moves into Beyonce territory with Superpower followed by Van Morrison’s “Moon Dance.”


Hillary Clinton Releases Official 2016 Spotify Playlist

Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton formally launched her 2016 presidential bid Saturday on New York City’s Roosevelt Island; just hours after her campaign released its official Spotify playlist. Featuring female artists such as Ariana Grande, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Sara Bareilles