Gender, Ethnic Studies Profs. Earn $12K More Annually than Colleagues

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AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews

A new report suggests that gender and ethnic studies professors significantly outearn their colleagues in other departments.

A recently published report from the College and University Professional Association for Human Resources suggests that gender and ethnic studies professors considerably outearn their colleagues in other departments. “Area, Ethnic, Cultural, Gender and Group Studies” earn an average of $105,656 each year. By contrast, the average professor salary across all disciplines is $93,830.

Based on the data, gender and ethnic studies professors earn more than their peers that teach journalism, education, foreign language, English, biology, mathematics, philosophy, theology, and psychology.

The report was highlighted this week by Campus Reform. Their report concluded that gender and ethnic studies professor makes approximately $12,000 more per year than professors from other disciplines.

It is unclear if this is financially sustainable for the future. Numerous reports have concluded that graduates from women’s studies programs are amongst the lowest of earners. Last week, the Hungarian government cited employment concerns when they banned two majors universities from offering women’s and gender studies as an academic program.

In June,  Northeastern University women’s and gender studies professor Suzanna Danuta Walters publishedWashington Post column entitled “Why Can’t We Hate Men?” The piece argued that men are such a negative influence on the world that women should be entitled to hate them as a group. Walters is the editor of Signs, of one of the more influential women’s and gender studies academic journals.


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