Elon Musk Avoids Tesla Woes with L.A. Traffic Scheme

Elon Musk wants to build a tunnel to Dodger Stadium
Getty/Joshua Lott and Kevork Djansezian

Despite Elon Musk currently being investigated by the SEC following tweets about taking Tesla private, he has announced plans to dig an underground tunnel to Dodger Stadium to alleviate Los Angeles traffic congestion.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has faced a rough week since announcing his plans to take Tesla private. He is facing an SEC inquiry and lawsuits claiming that Musk’s tweets about taking Tesla private were done solely to boost the price of Tesla shares to $420. However, despite these setbacks, Musk has announced new plans for his underground drilling firm The Boring Company — most famous for selling handheld flamethrowers —  to drill an underground tunnel to the Dodgers stadium in Los Angeles.

Traffic congestion is a well-known problem in Los Angeles and becomes an even bigger issue in areas surrounding Dodger Stadium on game days. Musk plans to alleviate this traffic by digging an underground tunnel to the stadium which fans can travel through via pod-like electric carriages running along a track. The tunnel would be about 3.6 miles long running underneath Sunset Boulevard and would pick passengers up near one of three L.A. Metro subway stations. The tunnel would be called the Dugout Loop and would cost fans approximately $1 for the four-minute journey.

The loop will consist of a single tunnel meaning that the service can only rune one way at a time. The Boring Company plans to position a number of their carriages at one end and sell tickets with fixed departure times. The carriages carry between eight and 16 people and will head directly to the stadium where they’ll park for the duration of the game or event at the stadium before returning to the station they departed from.

Seats on the carriages will be limited to 1,400 people per event, which is approximately 2.5 percent of Dodger Stadium’s capacity.

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