Flashback: Dr. Robert Epstein, Peter Schweizer Warned About Powers of Big Tech at ‘Masters of the Universe’ Town Hall

Silicon Valley Masters Of Universe

During Breitbart News’ Masters of the Universe town hall in April, psychologist Dr. Robert Epstein, author Peter Schweizer, author Ann Coulter, and Breitbart News Editor-in-Chief Alex Marlow warned the audience about Big Tech’s influence over society.

Here are some of the revelations from the event.

Dr. Robert Epstein: Silicon Valley could swing an election “with no-one knowing that they had done this.”

During the town hall, Epstein warned that “the more information these companies have about us, the more easily they can manipulate us – that is, shift our opinions, our attitudes, our beliefs, our purchases and our votes.”

“We estimated that if these companies were all working together and supporting the same candidate, and really pulling out all the stops and using all the methods they have to manipulate, they could shift 10 percent of the voting population of America, with no-one knowing that they had done this, and without leaving a paper trail for authorities to track,” he expressed. “10 percent could be shifted — that’s a lot of votes, with no-one knowing that they’ve done this.”

Peter Schweizer: Google and Facebook are “not just Internet companies… They steer the national debate in ways that are unimaginable.”

Schweizer declared that Google are “trying to steer, manipulate, and direct us in ways that they want to go.”

“They have enormous powers, powers that I would argue that company has ever had in human history over the flow of information,” he proclaimed. “They are not just Internet companies. They are media companies, they are opinion companies, and they steer the national debate in ways that are unimaginable.”

Dr. Robert Epstein: Everything that goes through your email account is “record, analyzed” by Google, and becomes “part of your profile.”

“All gmails, outgoing, the ones you write, and incoming — no matter what email service they’re coming from — they are all recorded, analyzed, every detail is put into your personal profile,” Epstein declared. “Even those gmails that you type, and we’ve all done this — you type it and you go ‘Oh no, I can’t send this, that’s insane, I’m not gonna send this’ and you hit delete — that’s already been recorded! That’s part of your profile.”

Epstein continued to claim that the “scariest thing” is that most news outlets “all use Google to run their email system.”

“All those emails are running through Google servers. Google has full access — I’m talking about some of the top journalists in the world, who are investigating Google,” he revealed. “They’re sharing all of their communications, all of their work products, all of the drafts — they’re sharing it all with Google!”

Peter Schweizer: “You don’t know, ultimately, what information you’re not getting.”

During the town hall, Schweizer claimed Big Tech companies draw users in by making them feel like they’re receiving the best service, when in actuality, they’re suppressing what information you see.

“You don’t know what you don’t know,” declared Schweizer. “You don’t know, ultimately, what information you’re not getting, and they’re giving you this sort of facade that they’re giving you the best, they’re giving you the most accurate, they’re giving you the most informative, and the bottom line is that simply isn’t true.”

Dr. Robert Epstein: “Google’s search results favored Hillary Clinton” during the 2016 presidential election.

“We came up with a system, a monitoring system for monitoring search results on Google, Bing, and Yahoo for nearly six months before the election in 2016,” Epstein explained. “This story about our findings was broken by the Washington Post in early 2017 and here’s what we found. We found that Google’s search results favored Hillary Clinton in all ten positions of those search results on the first page for almost all of those six months leading up to the election. Now that’s enough to shift two to three million votes, at least, without anyone knowing that they have been manipulated.”

Alex Marlow: “You guys are not the consumers, you guys are actually the product, you guys are being sold.”

“You guys are not the consumers, you guys are actually the product, you guys are being sold and it’s being done completely clandestinely,” Marlow declared. “Never in the history of the American republic and really the Western world have so few unelected people achieved so much power and so much influence in such a short period of time and they’ve done it almost entirely clandestinely and without the free flow of information.”

“They know where you are right now and yet we don’t even know their names,” he warned.

The entire Masters of the Universe town hall can be viewed below:

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