Report: Over 1,000 Big Tech Executives Donated to Democratic Super PAC ActBlue Since 2015

What social media platforms and search engines know about you

According to a recent report, more than 1,000 executives and employees from the Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe have donated to a pro-Democrat super PAC since 2015.

A report from claims that since 2015, over 1,000 executives and employees from tech giants such as Facebook, Google, Twitter, and Apple have all donated to ActBlue, a pro-Democrat super PAC that has raised $1.5 billion since 2015. Details of the super PAC’s fundraising activities were gathered by the Federal Elections Commission and compiled by watchdog website Campaign Money. The data shows that executives, vice presidents, managers, and regular employees at major tech firms were behind a large number of donations to the PAC.

According to Big League Politics reporter Tom Pappert, some of the donors to the PAC include:

  • Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg
  • Twitter co-Founder Evan Williams
  • Google senior executives Urs Holzle, Vinton Cerf, and Jennifer Fitzpatrick
  • Apple senior executives Angela Ahrendts and Lisa Jackson

Between 2015 and 2016 alone, a large list of names from tech giants appears across the super PAC’s donation rolls, with approximately 600 names from Google, 271 from Apple, 108 from Facebook, and 34 from Twitter. USA Today reported on August 5 that ActBlue had raised more than $1 billion this election cycle ahead of the November midterms:

The online fundraising platform ActBlue this week surged past the $1 billion mark in contributions to Democratic candidates and causes in this election cycle.

The fundraising milestone, shared first with USA TODAY, offers a sign that the liberal activism fueled by President Donald Trump’s election isn’t slowing down.

The group predicts donations will top $1.5 billion by year’s end, double the amount the fundraising clearinghouse processed in the 2016 election cycle. By comparison, it took ActBlue nearly 12 years – from its founding in June 2004 until March 2016 – to raise its first $1 billion.

President Trump has previously called out tech giants for their bias, recently claiming in a series of tweets that tech giant Google purposefully alters Google search results to show negative articles about Trump. In his tweets, Trump called the system “rigged” and stated that Google and other tech companies were suppressing the voices of Conservatives and hiding positive news relating to the Trump administration.

Most recently, a conservative Facebook employee started a group to promote political diversity within the company, claiming that there was an “intolerant” liberal culture at the firm. So far of Facebook’s 25,000 employees, only a few hundred have joined the group, while others have attempted to report it to the company and have it shut down.

As pressure on Silicon Valley mounts in relation to election interference and foreign influence campaigns across its platforms, the Masters of the Universe have an increasingly long list of questions to answer about bias and censorship.

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