Tesla Car Software Update: Fart Noises and ‘Romance Mode’

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Tesla’s latest firmware update for Elon Musk’s electric cars has added questionable features, such as fart sound effects and a “romance mode.”

TechCrunch reports that Tesla recently released a firmware update for its vehicles — “over the air” updates are a key selling point for many consumers who appreciate the fact that Tesla has the ability to wirelessly update their vehicles and add new features without a trip to the dealer. The latest update has some of the most puzzling features that Tesla has ever announced for their cars — fart noises and a “romance mode.” The fart sound effects can be mapped to the vehicles turn signal, or a button on the steering wheel can be pressed to activate the noise. One of the fart sounds is named in honor of short sellers, who Elon Musk is constantly at war with.

A tweet from a Tesla owner displaying these new features can be seen below:

Another Twitter user posted videos of the fart sound effects and listed the type of sound effects that the driver can choose from. The list provided by TechCrunch includes:

  1. Not a Fart (a reference to Not a Flamethrower that Musk sold in 2018)
  2. Short Shorts Ripper (Musk simply can’t seem to stop trolling short sellers)
  3. Falcon Heavy (as in SpaceX’s big rocket that launched in 2018)
  4. Ludicrous Fart (super speed?)
  5. Neurastink (a reference to another Musk company Neuralink; we’re not sure how farts play into the company’s plans to build a brain-to-machine interface that would allow the human mind to keep up with AI.
  6. Boring (as in The Boring Company)
    * The seventh choice, called “I’m so random,” will pick one of the sounds randomly.

One user asked Elon Musk to include a feature allowing him to remotely control the sound effects from his phone, Musk obliged:

The romance mode appears to just add a video of a log fire to the Tesla dashboard, increases the cars heat and plays some mood music, as can be seen in the video below:

While Tesla appears to be having fun around the holiday season, Musk’s other companies are not. Musk’s The Boring Company, held a product demonstration event this week, which Musk previously promised would feature “modded but fully road legal autonomous transport cars” and “ground to tunnel car elevators.” What the company delivered was actually a regular car driving down a bumpy, patchwork tunnel. Read Breitbart News’ full report here.

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