Report: Saudi Arabian Exchange Students Arrested for Serious Crimes Flee America

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A series of foreign exchange students from Saudi Arabia who were charged with serious crimes in the United States have fled the country, according to a report from a local Oregon news outlet.

Breitbart News reported in June 2017 about a foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia who fled the country after being charged with a fatal hit-and-run in Portland, Oregon.

According to a report from the Oregonian, another foreign exchange student from Saudi Arabia has fled the country. In 2014, after being arrested for the alleged rape of a classmate, student Abdulaziz Al Duways was ordered by a judge to hand over his passport so that he couldn’t leave the country.

Shortly thereafter, the Royal Consulate General of Saudi Arabia posted a $500,000 bail for the student. Eventually, the student disappeared.

According to the report, at least five Saudi nationals have followed a similar path. In four of the five cases, the Saudi government posted bail for the accused exchange student. And then they all disappeared.

Two of the students were charged with rape. Two were accused of hit-and-run crimes. And the fifth students was found with child pornography on his computer.

Four of the five students were represented by the same defense attorney, Ginger Mooney. When was asked to comment on the trend of her clients fleeing the country after being charged with serious crimes, she refused to speak, citing legal ethical principles that restrict her ability to speak about confidential client matters.

“Ms. Mooney does not have the consent of her clients to reveal any information,” Mooney’s own attorney said. “To the extent information related to these matters might suggest unethical or improper conduct by Ms. Mooney in the representation of these clients, the suggestion is completely unfounded. Ms. Mooney takes her ethical obligations seriously and conducts her practice to the highest standards.”

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