San Diego State Launches Program to Combat ‘Microaggressions’

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San Diego State University is developing a massive social justice initiative that aims to combat microaggressions on campus.

According to a report from The College Fix, San Diego State University is gearing up to launch a massive diversity initiative that will focus on ending microaggressions and implicit bias.

Microaggressions have been the target of the social justice left on campuses around the country for some time now. Microaggressions are small, often unintentional acts, that are steeped in unconscious intolerance and bigotry. According to a BuzzFeed listicle, microaggressions can include asking a person about their ethnic background or telling a black person that you think it’s strange that she listens to Carrie Underwood.

J. Luke Wood, associate vice president for faculty diversity and inclusion at San Diego State, announced the initiative in an email to the San Diego State University community. In 2017, Wood said that university classrooms should be viewed as a battleground for progressive activism.

“It’s necessary for us to radically transform the way that educators view their role in education. We are, again, preparing educators to see their classrooms as sites for civil resistance,” Wood said.

SDSU Biology Professor Stuart Hurlbert said that the university’s new administration is determined to inject social justice politics into every facet of campus life. “SDSU is in for a rough sleigh ride,” Hurlbert said. “Our new president has a long record of aggressively supporting identity politics and under-the-table mechanisms for implementing race and sex preferences in hiring and student admissions.”

The recently installed president, Adela de la Torre, has made it clear that she intends to make diversity initiatives a priority during her tenure. After all, it is her area of expertise. Prior to her SDSU post, she served as a diversity official at UC Davis.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on San Diego State University’s diversity initiative.


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