San Diego State University

Vandals Attack Jewish Center at Anti-Israel Campus

Last week, a group of vandals targeted the Chabad at San Diego State University (SDSU) and broke one of the branches of their free-standing menorah, which the Jewish people use to celebrate Hanukkah.

SDSU Chabad House menorah (Facebook)

Merry Christmas: Cincinnati WR Penalized for Giving Ball to Young Fan

During Thursday’s Hawaii Bowl game between the University of Cincinnati Bearcats and the San Diego State University Aztecs, Bearcats wide receiver Chris Moore showed his Christmas spirit by giving away a game ball to one of the few fans at the game.


Blue State Blues: Muslim Immigrants and Antisemitism

There is a basis for coexistence, and also great deal of ordinary kindness between Muslims and Jews. But the problem of antisemitism is becoming impossible to ignore, and we need to address it before throwing the doors open.

Blue State Blues (Breitbart)

Muslims at SDSU Stage ‘Anti-Islamophobia’ Rally

Members of the Muslim Students Association at San Diego State University (SDSU) held a rally Monday rally against Islamophobia after a reported attack that the group is highlighting as a “hate crime.”

MSA SDSU (Facebook)

SDSU Sued Over False Sexual Assault Accusations

A former San Diego State University student accused of sexual assault last December has announced plans to bring a lawsuit against the institution after charges were dropped and the student’s suspension was lifted.

San Diego State University (Monique WIngard / Flickr / CC)

Professor First Set to Open Legal Pot Shop in San Diego

San Diego State University professor David Blair’s medical marijuana dispensary, “A Green Alternative,” is set to be the first legally operating shop in San Diego since being approved last July and beating a permit challenge.

420 California (Credit: Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)