Charlie Kirk Visits TPUSA Students at UC Berkeley Amid Campus Violence

Charlie Kirk, Turning Point USA
Alex Wong/Getty Images

Turning Point USA Founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk visited the UC Berkeley on Tuesday, one week following the violent attack on campus where a conservative activist was punched in the face.

Turning Point USA (TPUSA) Founder and Executive Director Charlie Kirk arrived at the University of California, Berkeley (UC Berkeley) on Tuesday to visit the TPUSA student members whose group was recently subjected to physical violence on campus.

UC Berkeley, a campus that was once celebrated as the birthplace of the Free Speech Movement of the 1960s, now appears to have become a haven of militant opposition against conservative students and visitors expressing views that fall outside of Leftist Groupthink.

The conservative students at UC Berkeley, however, remain unafraid amid apparent politically-motivated violence, despite the incident that left fellow activist Hayden Williams with a black eye while attempting to assist the students with TPUSA member recruitment last week.

Kirk tweeted about his visit on Tuesday, with a photo that showed the executive director alongside UC Berkeley TPUSA students, holding a sign that read, “Hate Crime Hoaxes Hurt Real Victims,” which was the same signage Williams had with him on the day he was assaulted last week.

Kirk also expressed his frustration over last week’s incident garnering “virtually zero coverage” by mainstream media. “I guess a conservative being attacked by leftists is less pressing than Jussie Smollett attacking himself,” added Kirk.

On Friday, the undaunted TPUSA students returned to the site where the assault had occurred to continue recruiting members for their group.

“Wow! @TPUSA at UC Berkeley continues to try and recruit students on campus despite the horrific attack by an intolerant leftist,” said Donald Trump Jr. in a tweet on Friday, “Conservatives will be bullied no more!”

The tweet included a photo of TPUSA members’ signs, which read, “The Berkeley Community Condones Hate Crimes (It’s Not Ok)” and “Your Leftist Fascism Won’t Silence Us.”

As it stands currently, the police have reportedly identified the suspect, but no arrest has been made.

UC Berkeley Assistant Vice Chancellor Dan Mogulof told Breitbart News on Tuesday that the University of California Police Department (UCPD) has concluded its investigation into last week’s assault, and is now seeking a felony warrant from the Alameda County District Attorney.

Mogulof added that the UCPD will pursue the identified suspect to make an arrest if the District Attorney issues a warrant.

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