Towson University Professor Asks Students to Draw Themselves Naked, Forbids Pro-Life Project

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A professor at Towson University has allegedly blocked a student from writing about her pro-life views for an assignment in which students were told they could choose their own topics. Instead, the professor allegedly encouraged students to write positively about Planned Parenthood, and has also given students untoward in-class assignments that involved students drawing themselves naked, and revealing what “turns them on and off.”

Towson University associate professor Lillian Carter has allegedly given her students in-class assignments requiring them to draw themselves naked, as well as present a list of what “turns them on and off” for part of their “entrance ticket” to her class, according to a statement by the pro-life group, Students for Life of America.

Moreover, professor Carter had also allegedly encouraged students to write about why Planned Parenthood should continue receiving government funding, as well as denied a student from writing about her pro-life views after she had requested to do so for an assignment in which students were told they could choose their own topics.

“All learners have a right to learn in a supportive environment. In our discussions, it is expected that all ideas will be treated with respect and that our discussion about sensitive issues will be confidential,” states the spring 2019 class syllabus obtained by Breitbart News.

The student said that she was not given an explanation as to why she was denied writing about her chosen topic, which was “pro-life positives,” adding that the professor oftentimes presents her class with biased information regarding the topic of abortion, and had even once described abortion as “just vacuuming the lining of the uterus.”

“When given the assignment of drawing ourselves naked, the class seemed very uncomfortable,” said the student — who chose to remain anonymous — to Breitbart News, “You could hear students mumbling and snickering in the class to each other about how this was ‘weird.'”

“Although no one had outright refused to do it, the majority of the class seemed uneasy when asked to complete the assignment,” added the student.

While Carter’s course is entitled, “Sexuality in Diverse Societies,” the syllabus does not forewarn students about the types of assignments that they can expect to be tasked with in professor Carter’s class.

The student added that at least two other students from the class had expressed to her their reluctance with having to complete the drawing assignment, and that the students had discussed whether or not they should “say something” regarding their concerns, as well as whether or not they should complete the assignment altogether.

Towson University did not immediately respond to Breitbart News’ request for comment.

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