Feds Bust UCLA Grad’s Chinese Cheating Ring

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Five Chinese graduates of UCLA and Cal State Fullerton have been arrested by federal authorities, accused of helping 40 Chinese nationals cheat on English proficiency exams for university admission.

A report from Los Angeles Magazine revealed that federal investigators arrested a second college admissions cheating ring in California. The group has been accused of helping Chinese nationals cheat on English proficiency exams, which are required for some foreign students looking to gain admission to American universities.

23-year-old Liu Cai, who graduated from UCLA in 2017, was arrested in March alongside four others who allegedly participated in the cheating ring. Cai and the rest of the team would create fake Chinese passports and use them so that they could take the English proficiency exam in place of their clients.

According to Los Angeles Magazine:

So it came as a surprise when, on a Tuesday morning in March, federal authorities arrested him on suspicion of facilitating an international cheating ring. According to prosecutors, Cai, along with four current and former UCLA students and another student at Cal State Fullerton, helped at least 40 Chinese nationals obtain student visas by fraudulently taking the TOEFL, an English proficiency exam, on their behalf. Cai’s ringers would show up to testing sites with fake Chinese passports bearing their own photos but with the names of the clients. Where Cai slipped—and where investigators caught up to him—was charging 39 test registration payments to his credit card.

The five members of the alleged cheating ring were arrested on March 12, the same day that federal investigators announced the Varsity Blues scandal, which implicated celebrities Lori Loughlin and Felicity Huffman.

Fox News reported this week that a Chinese family paid William “Rick” Singer $6.5 million to have their daughter admitted to Stanford University in 2017. Singer used funds to make a $500,000 donation to the university’s sailing program. The university rescinded the student’s enrollment status in April after news of the scandal erupted.

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