Carl Benjamin: ‘Conservatives in Name Only’ Too Afraid to Deliver Brexit

Carl Benjamin, the YouTube star and UKIP candidate in the upcoming European Parliamentary Elections in Britain sat down for an exclusive interview with Breitbart News.

In the interview, the first part of which is available to watch below, Benjamin explained that Britain’s ruling “conservative” party are “conservative in name only,” much like squishy conservative-lite RINOs in the United States.

Condemning them as “too afraid to deliver Brexit” over concerns about potential impact on the economy, Benjamin also pointed out that 80 percent of British businesses have declared they are ready for a no-deal Brexit, something that Theresa May’s government has consistently refused to deliver.

“It would be better for us not to leave than accept Theresa May’s deal, and we voted to leave” said the UKIP candidate, one of the first YouTube personalities to stand in a national election.

“We are just in a position where the only option is to leave without a deal, but the conservatives are too cowardly to do that because they’re afraid there’ll be damage to the economy.”

Benjamin also outlined what his priorities would be as a Member of the European Parliament if elected, despite the relative powerlessness of MEPs compared to the unelected bureaucrats in the European Commission.

A longtime free speech campaigner, Benjamin promises to address issues that other politicians “wouldn’t touch with a barge pole.”

“I’ll use [my position] as a bully pulpit,” said Benjamin, who promised to say a lot of “triggering things” in the European Parliament “to drive conversations on issues that are difficult but necessary to talk about, that I don’t believe other politicians frankly have the moral fortitude to raise.”

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