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sargon of akkad

Delingpole: Sargon of Akkad Is Just the Kind of Person We Need in Politics

If there’s one lesson above all to be learned from the populist revolutions now sweeping away the old liberal-leftist elites it’s that you must never, ever, EVER back down when the left tries to smear you as racist / misogynist / homophobic / Islamophobic / transphobic / sexist or whatever.


Twitter Suspends YouTuber Sargon of Akkad **UPDATED**

Popular YouTube personality and social commentator Sargon of Akkad has been suspended from Twitter following a tweet to an EU official questioning the link between Islamic migration and increased terrorism.

twitter censorship

Guardian Accused of ‘False’ Copyright ‘Bullying’ Against Hilarious YouTuber

Britain’s Guardian newspaper stands accused of sending a “false” copyright notice in an attempt to “bully” a popular online ‘vlogger’ after he parodied their politically-correct content. Satirist, polemicist, and video-blogger Sargon of Akkad hit back at the Guardian after receiving a notice via YouTube that

Sargon of Akad II