Harmeet Dhillon Launches ‘Publius Lex’ Legal Fund to Fight Antifa and Big Tech

California lawyer Harmeet Dhillon
Harmeet Dhillon/Facebook

Attorney Harmeet Dhillon, known for her work defending Andy Ngo and James Damore, launched a new legal nonprofit, Publius Lex, aimed at protecting civil rights for all Americans, including conservatives who are the frequent target of far-left activists and corporations.

Dhillon is the attorney for Andy Ngo, the journalist who was hospitalized with a brain hemorrhage by extremist “Antifa” activists in Portland two weeks ago. Her firm is also waging a class-action lawsuit against Google on behalf of former employees who allege the company discriminates against non-progressives and against white and Asian males.

A judge recently ruled that the case against Google can proceed to discovery.

She also won a lawsuit in California against Yvette Felarca, a prominent Antifa activist who filed a frivolous lawsuit against the Berkeley College Republicans. Thanks to Dhillon’s lawsuit, a judge ordered Felarca to pay $11,000 to former College Republican president Troy Worden.

Dhillon’s new non-profit, Publius Lex, aims to gather financial contributions to protect the civil liberties of all Americans, in an era when they are increasingly under attack by radical activists and “woke” corporations like Google and Facebook.

On Twitter, Dhillon said that the first case taken up by Publius Lex will be Andy Ngo’s.

“Over the past few years I have noticed a distinct gap in the civil rights community, with many of the clients I wanted to represent not fitting within the parameters of the legacy civil rights establishment,” said Dhillon in a comment to Breitbart News.

“The ACLU no longer seems to care about the First Amendment or religious liberties; some of the religious nonprofits I’ve worked with have focused on trendy issues, and no one seems to speak for many Americans who feel their fundamental natural and civil rights being violated.”

“So I started Publius Lex to provide legal support for Americans whose civil rights are being violated and who are underserved in today’s America.”

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Allum Bokhari is the senior technology correspondent at Breitbart News.


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