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Bokhari: Twitter’s Ban on ‘Private’ Pictures Empowers Corporate Media at the Expense of Citizen Journalists

On the first day of Parag Agrawal’s tenure as Twitter CEO, the company banned the sharing of private photos or videos without consent. Sounds like a good policy, doesn’t it? Except the details are so vague, the ultimate outcome will be the banning of anyone who exposes individuals the establishment likes, while corporate media will be free to dox at will.

Twitter CEO Parag Agrawal

Mumford & Sons’ Winston Marshall Says His Faith Helped Him Beat the ‘Cancel Culture Mob’: ‘Fear God and You’ll Fear Nothing Else’

Winston Marshall, the former founding member of Mumford & Sons who left the famed English folk rock band after being targeted by the rabid cancel culture mob for complimenting journalist Andy Ngo’s book exposing Antifa, is crediting his faith in God for his ability to stand up in the face of what Winston called the “cancel culture viral mob.”

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA - SEPTEMBER 21: (EDITORIAL USE ONLY) Winston Marshall of Mumford & Sons performs onstage during the 2019 iHeartRadio Music Festival at T-Mobile Arena on September 21, 2019 in Las Vegas, Nevada. (Photo by Isaac Brekken/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

‘Stunned’: AP Draws Flak After Israel Levels Gaza Bureau, Alleged Hamas HQ

Associated Press (AP) Washington Bureau Chief Julie Pace announced she was “stunned” after Israeli forces bombed a Gaza building housing media offices. Jerusalem claimed it was also a terrorist headquarters, housing Hamas’ military intelligence and research and development unit as well as offices of the terrorist-designated Islamic Jihad.

AP Hamas HQ

Wikipedia Administrator Resigns After Banning Antifa Opponent

Guy Chapman, a Wikipedia administrator with special site privileges, was criticized late last year for banning an Antifa opponent from editing the far-left group’s page. Editors cited Chapman’s pro-Antifa stance as conflicting with policies against administrators using privileges when involved in disputes. Chapman subsequently resigned citing unrelated stress over disputes about the 2020 election results. This month in posts about pro-Donald Trump protestors storming the Capitol over election fraud allegations, Chapman claimed Breitbart News’ coverage of Wikipedia has undermined faith in the online encyclopedia.


Protest Erupts in Oregon after Police Shoot Armed Man

Protests erupted in Eugene, Oregon, Friday night following the shooting of a black man armed with a knife. The man allegedly charged police with a knife after violating a domestic violence protective order. The man remains hospitalized in critical condition.

An armed protester joins Black Lives Matter marchers in Eugene, Oregon, following an officer-involved shooting of a black man armed with a knife. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Andy Ngo)

Portland ‘Protester’ Injured After Allegedly Violating Court Order

A video tweeted by journalist Andy Ngô shows a woman being treated by “protest medics” after being struck in the face by impact munitions fired by police. Ngô identified the woman as Carly Anne Ballard who is accused of assaulting a police officer and has been ordered by a federal judge to stay five blocks away from the courthouse.

Portland woman injured after allegedly violating court order to stay away from federal courthouse. (Twitter Video Screenshot/Andy Ngo)

Wikipedia Editors Censor Portland Murder from Antifa Page

Following the murder of Trump supporter Aaron Danielson by self-identified Antifa member and Black Lives Matter activist Michael Reinoehl, editors on Wikipedia tried to add the execution-style killing to the page for the violent far-left group. Antifa supporters on the site argued Reinoehl was not a member of any Antifa organization and therefore the killing was not significant enough to mention in the article. One administrator, during a discussion of the incident, smeared Danielson as a “fascist” with another administrator agreeing with the remark.

Participants of the "Revolutionary 1st of May Demonstration" light flares and wave flags of the left-wing, Anti-Fascist Antifa movement during May Day events on May 1, 2018 in Berlin. (Photo by John MACDOUGALL / AFP) (Photo by JOHN MACDOUGALL/AFP via Getty Images)

Wikipedia Labels ‘The Post Millennial’ as ‘Unreliable’ Using Pro-Antifa Smears of Andy Ngo

In the latest case of a conservative news outlet being targeted by editors on Wikipedia, an editor with a history of defending the violent left-wing Antifa group and smearing Antifa critic Andy Ngo on the site initiated a discussion on getting the Post Millenial banned using smears against Ngo, an editor for the outlet, in the opening post of the discussion. While not outright banned, Post-Millennial was formally declared “unreliable” on Wikipedia.

PORTLAND, OR - JUNE 29: Andy Ngo, a Portland-based journalist, is seen covered in unknown substance after unidentified Rose City Antifa members attacked him on June 29, 2019 in Portland, Oregon. Several groups from the left and right clashed after competing demonstrations at Pioneer Square, Chapman Square, and Waterfront Park …