University of Michigan to Host ‘Psychedelic Neuroscience’ Workshop

Psychedelic London olympics closing ceremony

The public University of Michigan is scheduled to host a symposium on the effects of psychedelic drugs this fall.

According to a local news report, the University of Michigan will host a “Psychedelic Neuroscience Symposium” which will feature a panel of scholars that study the effects of “psychedelic” or psychoactive drugs.

The event, which is scheduled for September 12, will feature eleven experts. Dr. George Mashour, the founding director of the University of Michigan’s Center for Consciousness Science, says that their scientific research into psychoactive drugs is both responsible and legitimate.

“These drugs are interesting to people for a lot of reasons,” Mashour said in a short comment. “We are focused on the rigorous investigation of these drugs, what’s going on in science and in the world right now in terms of these drugs. This is really about responsible, legitimate cutting edge neuroscience, and emerging trends.”

The symposium will be open to the public. Mashour said claims that it is important that the public educated on psychoactive drugs. “We wanted to allow interested individuals in the community to have a chance to see what was going on and learn from international experts,” Mashour explained.

The event will include a screening of a documentary that focuses on the use of psychedelic mushrooms on patients with clinical depression. The film, Magic Medicine, which was released in 2018, follows a team of researchers that were given permission to treat a small group of depressed patients with psychedelic mushrooms.

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