Sarah Lawrence Prof Says He Received Threats After Calling Out Leftist Bias on Campus

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Sarah Lawrence College Professor Samuel Abrams claims that he received threats after publishing a column in the New York Times condemning American colleges for their leftist biases.

In an interview with Campus Reform, Sarah Lawrence College Professor claims that he received threats after his published a gentle criticism of leftist bias on campus in a column for the New York Times. Breitbart News reported in November 2018 that students at Sarah Lawrence College had vandalized Abrams’s office in response to the column.

In the column, Abrams criticized colleges for hiring so few conservatives in administrative positions. Abrams claims that there is a 12-to-one ratio of liberal to conservative college administrators.

The 12-to-one ratio of liberal to conservative college administrators makes them the most left-leaning group on campus. In previous research, I found that academic faculty report a six-to-one ratio of liberal to conservative professors. Incoming first-year students, by contrast, reported less than a two-to-one ratio of liberals to conservatives, according to a 2016 finding by the Higher Education Research Institute. It appears that a fairly liberal student body is being taught by a very liberal professoriate — and socialized by an incredibly liberal group of administrators.

Although Abrams notes that he received an outpouring of support after the column was published, critics also made sure that they go through to professor. “At Sarah Lawrence, the reaction from my colleagues has been terrible. Most of my colleagues would rather see me disappear and be silenced than continue to talk about this…I have received numerous threats to my safety, my family, accusations of sexual assault went up around campus, with no grounds for these things,” Abrams claimed.

“Basically, as soon as students were angry, as soon as people thought they didn’t like what I was writing, they hit the nuclear button. They basically say, ‘we are going to try to trash this professor, we are going to make things up about my disposition, my relationship with the school…unfortunately, I think this is a fairly typical response,” Abrams added.

You can watch Abram’s entire interview below.

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