Man Charged in 2019 Assault of Conservative Activist at UC Berkeley Hasn’t Faced Trial

Zachary Greenberg, the man arrested for allegedly assaulting conservative activist Hayden Williams at UC Berkeley
Alameda County Sheriff's Office

Nearly one year after a violent attack at the University of California-Berkeley, Zachary Greenberg has not faced trial on multiple felony counts after being charged with assaulting conservative activist Hayden Williams.

Zachary Greenberg — who has been out on bail for nearly one year — faces multiple felony counts, as well as time behind bars in state prison, if convicted. But the trial has not actually begun, according to court documents.

Greenberg was charged with assault after he was caught on video punching conservative activist Hayden Williams in the face at UC Berkeley last February, while the conservative activist was assisting Turning Point USA students with recruiting members for their student group on campus.

As the year anniversary since the violent attack nears, some are beginning to wonder if the case against Greenberg has gone cold.

“Mother fucker. You racist little inbred bitch. shouted Greenberg in the video before punching Williams in the face.

“Fucking cunt!” Greenberg can be heard shouting as he walks away after assaulting Williams.

Williams also alleges that at one point, Greenberg had threatened to “shoot” him.

Greenberg was later arrested and charged with three felonies and one misdemeanor.

According to court documents, those felonies include: assault with force likely to produce great bodily injury, battery with serious bodily injury, and criminal threats. The misdemeanor includes vandalism under $400 [of] damage.

Greenberg has pleaded “not guilty” to each one of the charges, according to court documents.

Court records also point out that the defendant is eligible for state prison, if convicted.

After being arrested in March, Greenberg posted bail and has been out free since, with the case appearing to have not yet made it past the “pre-trial” phase.

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