Parent Charged in College Admissions Bribe Scandal Faces Tax Fraud Charges

DAMIEN MEYER/AFP via Getty Images

A Massachusetts father that allegedly paid $220,000 to have his son admitted to USC was charged on Tuesday with tax fraud.

According to a report by, John Wilson of Lynnfield, Massachusetts, is was charged with tax fraud this week. Wilson was one of dozens of parents that were implicated in the “Varsity Blues” college admission bribery scandal. Wilson has been accused of paying $220,000 to have his son admitted to USC.

On Tuesday, Wilson was charged with one count of filing a false tax return. The charge comes in connection to his 2014 tax return on which he deducted the $220,000 that he transferred to alleged Varsity Blues mastermind William “Rick” Singer. Wilson claimed that the $220,000 deduction was both a “charitable donation” and “business expense.”

Wilson’s bribery attempts didn’t stop with his first son. Wilson allegedly tried to pay Singer $1 million to have his daughters admitted to Stanford and Harvard. However, Wilson’s second and third bribes never made it past Singer’s desk. Singer was already working with federal investigators when Wilson allegedly approached him with the intention to cheat the admissions system again.

As a result of these attempts, Wilson was charged with money laundering, wire fraud, and federal programs bribery. Earlier this year, Wilson pled not guilty to those charges.

Breitbart News has extensively covered the Varsity Blues college admissions scandal. Breitbart News reported this week that USC has fired three athletic department officials that were connected to the scandal.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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