Oxford Historian Blacklisted from Feminist Event over ‘Transphobic’ Remarks

douglas murray
AP Photo/Steven Senne

University of Oxford Professor Selina Todd was blacklisted from speaking at an upcoming feminist history event on campus after she was accused of making “transphobic” comments. Todd was provided with bodyguards after she received death threats from leftist activists.

According to a report by the Daily Mail, Oxford Professor Selina Todd was banned from a feminist history event on campus after facing criticism from leftist activists over her comments on transgender activism.

Todd, a professor of modern history, recently argued that transgender women have a risk of getting prostate cancer because they were born as a biologically male. Todd argued that transgender activists are wrong to suggest that biological sex is not an important classification. Todd pointed out that doctors use biological sex to determine if a patient might be at risk for certain diseases.

“She said ‘transwomen should be allowed to call themselves transwomen’ but that in certain circumstances ‘we do need provision that differentiates on the basis of sex,'” A report from the BBC reads. “She said that, for example, those born men have a risk of getting prostate cancer, and it was important to be able to get hold of the right people for screening.”

After Todd received death threats over her comments, she was forced to walk around campus with two bodyguards. As a result of the controversy over her remarks, Todd was banned from speaking at a feminist history event.

“I am shocked to have been no-platformed by this event, organized by Oxford International Women’s Festival and hosted at Exeter College. I was asked to participate in October 2019, and I explained to the organizers that some trans activists may object to my being there,” Todd said in a short statement on her removal from the event.

“I was then told that trans activists had already expressed hostility towards the event because they claimed second-wave feminism is inherently trans-exclusionary.’ Among those who spoke out against her exclusion was campaigner Julie Bindel, who told the organizers: ‘You should hang your heads in shame for giving into this mob,'” Todd finished.


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