University of Wisconsin-La Crosse ‘Sex Week’ Features Sex Toy Giveaway

free condom giveaway

The University of Wisconsin-La Crosse hosted a “Sexual Health Week” featuring a clitoral masturbation” teach-in equipped with a free sex toy giveaway, as well as “sex jeopardy,” and “condom bingo,” among other events.

A five-day event hosted last week at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse in honor of “sexual health week” invited students to join in on a variety of workshop events such as “Breakfast and Birth Control,” “Sex Jeopardy,” “Sexcessful Communication,” “Condom Bingo,” and “Consent and Pizza,” among others.

The event — co-sponsored by Planned Parenthood — even features a “teach-in” on “clitoral masturbation,” which includes a free sex toy giveaway, according to the school’s website, which showcases the schedule of events held during Sexual Health Week.

“Engage in a conversation about clitoral masturbation, dealing with stigma, and empowerment. First 40 attendees will receive a free vibrator!” read the description for the “clitoral masturbation” teach-in.

At “Breakfast and Birth Control,” students can receive “free sexual health supplies,” and at “Condom Bingo,” students can “win prizes by showing off your sexual health knowledge.”

Another event invites students to “engage in a conversation about consent by combating the ‘sex is like baseball’ metaphor and learn how sex is like pizza!”

The university’s Sexual Health Week even advertised an event called “Flashback Friday to High School Sex Ed” that will “fill in the gaps” in knowledge by teaching students what they presumably didn’t learn in high school, such as “LGBTQ+ sexual education.”

“Come to this workshop to fill in the gaps in LGBTQ+ sexual education, discuss the importance of inclusive curriculum, and learn about the policies that dictate what is taught in public schools,” reads the description for another event.

The event also hosts a “Menstrual Product Drive” by an initiative known as “PERIOD@UWL,” which seeks to collect “period products such as tampons, pads, liners, reusable underwear and menstrual cups during the month of March!”

“It is important to note that we try to do everything with a very inclusive lens,” said Juliette Moushon, the president and founder of PERIOD@UWL, according to the university’s student newspaper, the Racquet Press.

“We do recognize that it is not only women who menstruate and not everyone who menstruates is a woman,” she added.

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