Survey: Female Students Around the Country Claim to Have Been Sexually Assaulted by Professors

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A new survey that was published recently suggests that female students around the country have been sexually assaulted by their university and college professors. Some are now asking universities and colleges to prove that they have held alleged perpetrators accountable.

According to a report by The College Fix, a new survey found that female students around the country claim to have been sexually assaulted by their professors. The survey revealed that 33 female students reported that they were “non-consensually penetrated by a faculty member or instructor.” John Murawski of RealClear Investigations argues that this number may be higher because only 26 percent of the female respondent class participated in the survey.

Murawski carefully reviewed data from 2019’s campus sexual assault survey that was conducted by the Association of American Universities. Murawski argues that universities need to demonstrate that these professors were held accountable if the allegations against them are truthful.

The data used in the study is, however, somewhat incomplete. As Murawski notes himself, the data does not reveal whether or not the alleged perpetrator was a tenured professor or a Ph.D. student that also serves as an instructor or teaching assistant. Moreover, the data does not reveal which of the alleged perpetrators have been cleared by Title IX investigations.

The survey’s data concerning faculty do not shed any light on whether the incidents involved a tenured professor preying on unsuspecting undergrads; or whether they include a he-said/she-said between two fourth-year medical students who also happened to be graduate school instructors. Some of the non-consensual touching and penetration may have taken place during the same episode of misconduct, and so may not represent separate incidents. The employee could potentially be a serial offender still lurking on campus, but it’s also possible some of the incidents were reviewed by a Title IX officer and dropped for lack of evidence.

Breitbart News reported in July 2018 that USC gynecologist George Tyndall had been accused by 251 female students of sexual assault. Many students claimed that the abuse could have been minimized if administrators had addressed initial complaints about Tyndall’s misconduct.

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