Twitter Purges TPUSA’s ‘ALX,’ InfoWars Staff

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Twitter purged a number of high-profile conservatives and members of the alternative media from its platform yesterday, including TPUSA’s ‘ALX,’ InfoWars host Owen Shroyer, and a range of other accounts linked to the alternative media organization.

ALX, who works on production for Turning Point USA, previously had a highly popular Twitter account which was frequently retweeted by President Trump and other high-profile Republicans.

His suspension from the platform drew condemnation from Donald Trump Jr., Trump campaign manager Brad Parscale, and Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ).

“This censorship MUST END,” said Don Jr.

On the same day, the company banned a number of prominent accounts linked to Alex Jones’ InfoWars media organization.

The most prominent of these was Owen Shroyer, one of the top hosts on InfoWars. He had over 160,000 followers on Twitter prior to his ban.

Rob Dew, currently senior producer and nightly news director at InfoWars, where he has worked for over ten years, was also banned from Twitter.

So too was the account of Banned.Video, the InfoWars-created video hosting site used by the company to host its video content after its official accounts, and those of Alex Jones, were mass-purged from all major social media platforms and app stores.

Twitter did not point to any tweet or specific act from the accounts that led to their ban. Instead, it said that all of the accounts mentioned in this article were banned for violating the site’s “platform manipulation and spam policy,” without explaining how exactly they had done so.

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