YouTube and Twitter Censor Pharma Company Researching UV Light Treatment for Chinese Virus

Healight UV light treatment AYTU Biopharma
AYTU Biopharma

Twitter and YouTube have censored AYTU BioScience, a publicly-traded Colorado-based pharmaceutical company, after it promoted ultraviolet (UV) light developed in conjunction with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center as a potential treatment for the Chinese virus. Twitter later reversed its censorship, saying the company’s account was “mistakenly” caught in a spam filter.

AYTU is publicly traded on the NASDAQ index. In its research on UV light treatment for the coronavirus, it is working with Cedars-Sinai Medical Center, a major hospital in Los Angeles. The hospital was founded in 1902 and employs over 2,000 physicians.

More information about the “Healight” UV Light treatment being researched by AYTU and Cedars-Sinai can be found on the latter’s website.

UV light has recently been discussed by President Donald Trump as a potential treatment for the coronavirus, leading to a slew of articles from the mainstream media condemning his comments as “dangerous.”

For example, the New York Times recently published a piece titled “Trump Muses About Light as Remedy, but Also Disinfectant, Which Is Dangerous.” The article highlights the links between UV light, a natural byproduct of sunlight that is also used in indoor tanning facilities, and skin cancer. Business Insider quoted experts who called Trump’s UV light comments “exceedingly dangerous,” while NBC News suggested the treatment is being pushed by “conspiracy theorists.”

YouTube and Twitter both took down material from AYTU BioScience, a pharmaceutical company that is investigating UV light treatment as a potential treatment for Wuhan coronavirus. Twitter briefly banned AYTU’s official account, while YouTube has taken down a video from the company about UV light treatment.

Twitter later reversed its censorship and reinstated AYTU’s account. A Twitter spokeswoman said the account had been mistakenly banned after it was caught in a spam filter, and that this has now been reversed.

AYTU’s video about UV treatment remains banned on YouTube. It was taken down by the Google-owned company after New York Times reporter David Alba reached out to the tech giant.

Attempts to access the video now return a message saying the video has been banned for violating YouTube’s community guidelines.

Google has yet to return Breitbart News’ request for comment about the video’s removal. Breitbart News also requested comment from AYTU Bioscience but did not receive a response before publishing.

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