U. of Washington Community Demands Easy Grading for Black Students

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

Students at the University of Washington are demanding a relaxed grading policy to help black students “cope emotionally” with the ongoing protests and riots that have erupted in major cities around the nation after George Floyd died during an arrest on May 26 in Minneapolis. According to a student petition with 50,000 signatures, “If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it.”

According to a report by Campus Reform, students at the University of Washington are urging officials to adopt a relaxed grading policy for black students so that they can “cope” with the recent unrest.

Students at the university are circulating a pre-written email for professors to send to students that may be struggling as a result of the ongoing unrest. “I am writing to you to offer accommodations for black students in this class during the end of this class and finals,” the email reads.

Nearly 50,000 students have signed a petition to urge university officials to adopt an easier grading standard for Black students.

“We are tired of empty words and promises. We are tired of sentimental emails that do not materialize. Give us equitable responses that meet our needs now!” the petition reads. “You need to encourage and demand professors to accommodate their black students during this time. If UW truly understands our pain, UW will be a part of alleviating it.”

“We can’t sit back and watch as injustices unfold before our eyes. We don’t have the privilege that white and non-black students do to ignore what’s happening and stay at home to study for finals,” the petition continues. We are busy fighting for our rights and for the rights of future black children and students to sit down and study. The least UW could do is demand professors to accommodate us during this time.”

Breitbart News reported this week that students at UC San Diego were using the protests and riots to demand passing grades on their final exams.

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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