Emory & Henry College Claims Wasp Mascot Doesn’t Support ‘Inclusion and Diversity’

Emory & Henry College Wasp Mascot
Emory & Henry College

Emory & Henry College in Emory, Virginia, announced this week that it is reevaluating its “wasp” mascot over concerns that it does not support the university’s promotion of “diversity and inclusion.” The mascot was allegedly deemed offensive by some over its loose relationship with the term “WASP,” or white anglo-saxon protestant.

According to a report by Campus Reform, Emory & Henry College may get rid of its “wasp” mascot over concerns that it may be associated with the term “WASP,” which is used to describe North American protestants that are often of British descent.

In a blog post published to the university’s website, Emory & Henry Communication Coordinator Allison Galloway noted that the university is reviewing its “wasp” mascot. Galloway suggested that mascot was having a negative influence on “inclusion and diversity” on campus.

“Conversations must examine how Emory & Henry’s past has contributed to current and ongoing systemic oppression. For example, discussion should be renewed regarding College’s mascot, the wasp, and the impact of this mascot on inclusion and diversity on our campus.”

The Young America’s Foundation released an email correspondence with an Emory & Henry College official this week in which the official argued that the mascot is “exclusive” of those who are not White-Anglo-Saxon Protestants.

“The little wasp itself isn’t offensive, but the acronym WASP stands for White Anglo Saxon Protestant… it stands to make us seem exclusive of those not in that category,” the official wrote.

Emory & Henry College Spokesperson Jennifer Pearce told Campus Reform this week that the university has formed a group of faculty members that has been tasked with reevaluating the university’s curriculum.

“We want E&H to continue to be a community of acceptance and learning, and welcoming for all. We also hope to be a resource to our region and lead the discussion when it comes to diversity, equity and inclusion,” she said. “We are listening and noting what we are hearing for further conversations with various constituents as we continue to grow and shape our future for the region.”

Breitbart News reported in August 2019 that students at George Washington University had voted to replace their “Colonials” mascot over concerns that it represented “oppression.”

Stay tuned to Breitbart News for more updates on this story.


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