Georgetown Student Petition: Create a ‘Sanctuary Space’ Campus by Banning Cops

Georgetown University
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Students at Georgetown University published a petition this week in which they argued that police should be banned from the campus. By banning police, the students suggest that officials could create a “sanctuary space” for protesters.

According to a report by Campus Reform, a petition circulating at Georgetown calls on university officials to ban local police from the campus to create a “sanctuary” for protesters.

The Georgetown University Police Department, a subdivision of the District of Columbia Metropolitan Police Department, patrols Georgetown’s campus around the clock.

In the petition, the students urge Georgetown officials to close off its campus to police officers to create a “sanctuary space” for protestors.

Black lives matter, and protestors have a right to peacefully fight for justice. In agreement with a similar petition from Georgetown faculty, The Corp and GUSA—as institutions built to care for and protect student needs—and with the signatories, urge the university to establish Georgetown’s main and downtown campuses as sanctuary spaces, open to protestors and closed to external police or security forces. In doing so, Georgetown would be continuing its own tradition of care for the neighbor and whole person. 

This is not the first attempt that Georgetown students have made to cut ties with the police. Earlier this summer nearly 9,000 students signed a petition that called on the university end its relationship with the Washington D.C., police.

“As a Georgetown University community that stands for our Black community, and joins the fight against racism and hatred, it is imperative that the university, including the Georgetown University Law Center, cease all relationships with any police department,” the petition reads.

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