Parents Push Back Against Rising Tuition Costs as College Classes Move Online

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Parents around the country are pushing back against rising tuition costs as universities and colleges shift their courses offerings online. Just this week, the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and the University of Notre Dame were forced to suspend in-person classes after a spike in coronavirus cases.

According to a report by the New York Times, parents around the country are concerned about rising tuition costs in the age of online courses. Some universities and colleges have even increased tuition costs this fall despite the drastic shift in the quality of education.

“We are paying a lot of money for tuition, and our students are not getting what we paid for,” a parent of a Chapman University student said.

Terry W. Hartle, a senior vice president for the American Council on Education, argued that universities and colleges cannot afford to drop tuition prices

“These are unprecedented times, and more and more families are needing more and more financial assistance to enroll in college,” Hartle said. “But colleges also need to survive.”

Dominique Baker, an assistant professor of education policy at Southern Methodist University, argued that rising tuition is justified by the costs of operating virtual classrooms.

“Starting up an online education program is incredibly expensive,” Baker said. “You have to have training, people with expertise, licensing for a lot of different kinds of software. All those pieces cost money, and then if you want the best quality, you have to have smaller classes.”

Breitbart News reported in November 2019 that the cost of college has risen 112 past inflation over four years. The increased costs have been attributed to a drastic rise in the number of administrators at universities and colleges.

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