Report: Biden Transition Team ‘Absolutely Stacked’ with Big Tech Insiders

JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images
JIM WATSON/AFP via Getty Images

A recent report outlines the number of Big Tech executives that are expected to join Joe Biden’s transition team in the coming weeks. The team includes insiders from the entire range of Silicon Valley Masters of the Universe.

A report published by Protocol has revealed that a huge number of Big Tech executives are expected to join Joe Biden’s presidential transition team, with Protocol stating there’s “definitive Silicon Valley representation and thought leaders on tech issues involved in shaping the future of the federal government. ”

Notable tech execs joining the transition team include:

  • Tom Sullivan, Amazon’s director of international tax planning (State Department)
  • Brandon Belford, Lyft’s senior director to the chief of staff (Office of Management and Budget)
  • Divya Kumaraiah, Airbnb’s strategy and program lead for cities (Office of Management and Budget)
  • Will Fields, Sidewalk Labs’ senior development associate (Treasury Department)
  • Nicole Wong, former Google and Twitter, former Obama Deputy Chief Technology Officer (Office of Science and Technology Policy)
  • Martha Gimbel, senior manager of economic research at Schmidt Futures (Council of Economic Advisers)
  • Linda Etim, senior adviser at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (team lead for International Development)

Breitbart News recently reported that Joe Biden was considering the Clinton-linked former Google CEO Eric Schmidt for a role in his administration. Breitbart Tech senior reporter Allum Bokhari wrote:

Even though the election result is still disputed by President Donald Trump and the Republicans, Joe Biden is already forming his transition team, which includes many former Silicon Valley employees, including Schmidt.

According to the Financial Times (paywalled), presidential contender Biden has:

hired both Jessica Hertz, former associate general counsel at Facebook, and Cynthia Hogan, former Apple vice-president for government affairs to his transition team. Eric Schmidt, the former Google chief executive, has been a big fundraiser, and is being talked about to lead a new technology industry task force in the White House.

Multiple Big Tech executives joined the Biden transition team just weeks before Silicon Valley censored the New York Post‘s bombshell articles on alleged Biden family corruption.

Schmidt is known for his close ties to the Democrats, as well as his deep involvement with their election campaigns. These have paid off in terms of government roles at both the state and national level.

Protocol notes that Victor Garcia and David Holmes from Rebellion Defense, a company that is also backed by Eric Schmidt, are also being considered for roles in a Biden administration.

Breitbart News recently reported that Schmidt is working to finalize a plan to become an official citizen of the island of Cyprus, becoming one of the highest-profile Americans to take advantage of one of the world’s most controversial “passport-for-sale” programs.

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