Brazilian Airline GOL Will Resume Boeing 737 Max Flights This Week

Boeing unveils fix to flight system after deadly crashes

The Brazilian airline GOL will resume Boeing 737 Max passenger flights on Wednesday. The flights will mark the fleet’s first passenger flight in nearly two years. The 737 Max fleet was grounded by aviation officials around the world after two fatal crashes that occurred in 2018 and 2019.

According to a report by CNN, Boeing’s troubled 737 Max fleet will see its official return to the airways on Wednesday. As of this week, the United States and Brazil are the only two nations that have officially approved the fleet to return to commercial flights.

GOL CEO Paulo Kakinoff argued that he is excited to see the 737 Max return to the airways because the fleet is one of the “most efficient” aircraft in the history of air travel.

“We are pleased about the return of the Boeing 737 Max to our network,” Kakinoff said. “The Max is one of the most efficient aircraft in aviation history and the only one to undergo a complete recertification process, ensuring the highest levels of safety and reliability. We reiterate our trust in Boeing.”
Landon Loomis, Boeing’s managing director in Brazil, told CNN this week that the fleet’s return to the airways is an “important milestone” for the company. “It is a pleasure to be partners with GOL in reaching this important milestone and we look forward to what is yet to come in our partnership,” Loomis said.
Breitbart News reported in November that American Airlines will fly chartered 737 Max aircraft carrying only employees to make both passengers and crew feel confident about the airframe.
Breitbart News reported in October that Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger argued that Boeing and aviation authorities had not done enough to address the safety issues on the 737 Max fleet that led to the two crashes.

“I’m not going to say, ‘We’re done, good enough, move on,’” Sullenberger said. “People are going to fly on it and I will probably be one of them,” he added. “The updated MAX will probably be as safe as the (previous model) 737 NG when they are done with it. But it’s not as good as it should be.”

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