Analysis: Ohio State U. Diversity Office Employs 100 Staffers

Ohio State
Getty Images/Jamia Sabau

An analysis of public records in the state of Ohio has revealed that Ohio State University employs over 100 staffers in its office for diversity and inclusion. Salaries and expenses for the office reportedly cost the university more than $10 million each year.

According to a report by the College Fix, Ohio State University spends more than $10 million each year to sustain its diversity and inclusion office. The office, which provides programming and support to students, features a staff of over 100 employees.

The numbers were uncovered by University of Michigan-Flint Professor Mark J. Perry, who has been a frequent critic of over-spending by universities and colleges. Many analysts have blamed the rising cost of college tuition on the rapidly-expanding number of university administrators. “I have long been a critic of ‘administrative bloat’ in higher education, and the explosion of diversity officers is just one example of that bloat,” Perry said.

Perry points out that the annual cost of sustaining the diversity and inclusion office at Ohio State University could cover the tuition of nearly 900 in-state students.

“In the upside down world of diversity in higher education what they are really promoting is uniformity – uniformity of thought about race and sex that is left-leaning and Marxist, and therefore very dangerous,” Perry added.

Breitbart News reported in May 2018 that the University of Michigan spends $11 million each year on salaries for its office of diversity and inclusion. At the time, the university’s diversity office employed nearly 100 workers.

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