Project Veritas: Hours of Insider Facebook Footage Reveal Zuckerberg’s Agenda

WASHINGTON, DC - JULY 29: Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg testifies via video conference duri
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The investigative journalism group Project Veritas recently published a series of videos from an insider at tech giant Facebook which features top executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg, discussing the company’s plans and agendas.

Project Veritas reveals in a recent report that the group has obtained hours of insider footage from Facebook meetings featuring top company executives, including CEO Mark Zuckerberg.

In one meeting discussing the Capitol Protests, Zuckerberg implied that those that took part were treated better than Black Lives Matter protesters: “I know this is just a very difficult moment for a lot of us here, and especially our black colleagues. It was troubling to see how people in this [Capitol] mob were treated compared to the stark contrast we saw during protests earlier this [past] year.”

Zuckerberg further discussed how President Joe Biden has issued a number of executive orders that align with Facebook’s values and goals. Zuckerberg said: “In his first day, President Biden already issued a number of Executive Orders on areas that we as a company care quite deeply about and have for some time. Areas like immigration, preserving DACA, ending restrictions on travel from Muslim-majority countries, as well as other Executive Orders on climate and advancing racial justice and equity. I think these were all important and positive steps.”

Facebook’s VP of Integrity, Guy Rosen, discussed how the company targets speech it deems offensive on the platform stating: “We have a system that is able to freeze commenting on threads in cases where our systems are detecting that there may be a thread that has hate speech or violence… these are all things we’ve built over the past three-four years as part of our investments into the integrity space our efforts to protect the election.”

Facebook’s VP of Civil Rights, Roy Austin, discussed how he wants every product the company makes to be viewed through a “civil rights lens” and reflect the firms view on race, even implying that Facebook’s virtual reality system be used to help white police officers experience what it is like to be a black man.

Austin stated: “I wonder whether or not we can use Oculus to help a white police officer to understand what it feels like to be a young black man who’s stopped and searched and arrested by the police…I want every major decision to run through a civil rights lens.”

Find the full videos at Project Veritas here.

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