Taliban Bans China’s TikTok for ‘Misleading’ Youth in Afghanistan

A burqa clad Afghan woman looks for items to buy at a shop displaying used household items for sale at a market area in Kabul on August 25, 2021, which were earlier purchased from the people who faced financial adversities and those who fled the country after Taliban's military takeover …
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The ruling Taliban of Afghanistan has banned the Chinese-owned social media app TikTok for “misleading” the youth of the country. One Taliban official commented that TikTok is filled with “filthy content was not consistent with Islamic Laws.”

Bloomberg reports that the Chinese-owned video-sharing app TikTok will soon be banned in Afghanistan as the ruling Taliban continues a moral policing drive throughout the country, according to a Taliban spokesperson. The social media app which is popular among younger users is “misleading the younger generation,” according to Inamullah Samangani.

Later speaking by phone, Samangani stated that TikTok’s “filthy content was not consistent with Islamic Laws.” The decision was made during a cabinet meeting earlier this week and is the first time the group has banned an app since coming into power last year.

Girls film a racy TikTok video


The Taliban has also made the decision to ban the popular South Korean video game PUBG and ban Afghan television channels from airing “immoral” content. The crackdown by the group on TikTok is just one element of a strict religious policing campaign.

The campaign includes the suspension of high school education for girls, forcing government workers not to shave their beards, and ordering taxi drivers to not take women more than 70KM (43 miles) without a male family member accompanying them.

Samangani stated: “We’ve received a lot of complaints about how the TikTok app and the PUBG game are wasting people’s time. The ministry of communications and information technology was ordered to remove the apps from internet servers and make them inaccessible to everyone in Afghanistan.”

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