U. of New Mexico ‘Disappointed’ in Woke Students Who Attacked TPUSA Event Featuring Tomi Lahren

AP Tomi Lahren

The University of New Mexico (UNM) told Breitbart News that it is “deeply disappointed” in its woke students that attacked a recent Turning Point USA event on campus featuring Tomi Lahren. The school added that protestors “vandalized University property and unlawfully pulled a fire alarm.”

“We are deeply disappointed in the actions of those individuals who intentionally chose to disrupt a scheduled speaker and infringed upon the rights of the speaker and those who attended the event to listen and engage, vandalized University property and unlawfully pulled a fire alarm,” the university said.

After being asked how much damage was done to the university, the school said, “A hole was found in the drywall of one of the Student Union Building walls.”

The university added the following:

The University of New Mexico is committed to the principles of free speech and values its role as a public square for debate, a marketplace of ideas, and a place to test and challenge competing viewpoints and opinions. In this context, allowing speakers invited by a student organization on campus in no way implies an endorsement of the content of their speeches or their opinions. And those who disagree with the ideas expressed are encouraged to respectfully voice their perspectives.

“The safety of our campus community and visitors is our first priority,” the school affirmed.

The university went on to say that while “No arrests have been made,” it is “investigating these incidents and will hold anyone who violated the law or University policies accountable.”

“UNM’s Office of Compliance Ethics and Equal Opportunity (CEEO) is also actively investigating complaints that students with tickets to the event were denied access based on their appearance,” the school added.

“Additionally, several UNM departments will be meeting to discuss improving the environment in which a speaker’s right to conduct their scheduled programming is ensured along with the public’s right to free speech, especially when our facilities are in use for multiple events at the same time,” the university said.

Last week, a mob of leftist students at the University of New Mexico attacked a Turning Point USA campus event featuring Tomi Lahren, resulting in the state police being called to the scene.

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