iCar: Apple Plans to Release an Electric Vehicle in 2028

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Apple has announced a 2028 release date for its much-anticipated electric vehicle, codenamed Project Titan, which has been developing since 2015.

9to5Mac reports that Project Titan, Apple’s electric vehicle project, has been largely secretive about details since its inception in 2015. However, the journey has not been smooth, with the project encountering numerous delays and experiencing significant executive turnover. Initially, Apple aimed to create a fully autonomous vehicle without a steering wheel, however, these goals have proved harder to reach than previously thought as the limitations of modern technology have become more apparent.

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Apple Vice President Kevin Lynch, who has been leading the project since 2021, has set a new target for the vehicle’s launch in 2028. While Apple has been exploring autonomous driving technology for almost a decade, the company has had to confront the impracticality of a car without a steering wheel. The 2028 model of the Apple vehicle is expected to offer limited autonomy features, aligning more closely with what other electric vehicle manufacturers like Elon Musk’s Tesla currently provide.

The Apple car will require driver engagement, meaning passengers must pay attention and be ready to take control during autonomous driving on roads and highways, similar to Tesla’s Autopilot system. This would make the Apple vehicle a Level 2+ autonomous system, a step back from the originally planned Level 4 autonomy.

As the international regulatory landscape for autonomous vehicles continues to evolve, there is a possibility of enhancing the system over time through software updates. This adaptive approach could allow Apple to incrementally improve the vehicle’s capabilities and align with future technological advancements and regulations, providing a better experience for the users.

The development of Project Titan has faced a number of internal challenges, such as Apple’s board pressuring CEO Tim Cook last year to present a definitive plan for the project’s future, debating between progressing with the initiative or scrapping it altogether. Until now, the project has yet to produce a viable prototype. Some employees have expressed skepticism over the project, viewing the first Apple car as potentially being a “me-too product,” at odds with the innovation typically associated with Apple’s products​​.

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