Tea Party Express Chair: GOP Needs Katrina Pierson in DC

Tea Party Express Chair: GOP Needs Katrina Pierson in DC

The chairman of the Tea Party Express said Katrina Pierson, the Sarah Palin-backed conservative who is challenging establishment Rep. Pete Sessions (R-TX) in Texas’ 32nd Congressional District, is exactly the type of candidate that Republicans need to advance conservatism to a broader audience.

Appearing on SarahNET radio with host Kevin Scholla, Amy Kremer said that if Pierson could defeat Sessions in the March 4 primary, it would send “shockwaves through Washington” and a clear message to the permanent political class. 

Kremer, whose group has endorsed Pierson, said that Sessions is one of the main Republicans blocking the formation of a Select Committee to investigate the Benghazi scandal in the House. She also said that Sessions was associated with the Jack Abramoff scandal, got re-married, and now lives with his current wife in Florida instead of his congressional district. A local Tea Party group has run ads attacking Sessions for not living in the Texas apartment he lists on formal documents and reports. 

“We need people connected with their constituents,” Kremer told Scholla, before saying that Sessions was part of the Washington establishment “caught up on power” and “staying in power.” 

Kremer said Democrats are all too eager to use their “War on Women” rhetoric and point out Republicans can’t recruit women and minorities, and that would be tougher to do if Pierson made it to Congress. She said that Pierson was “born into poverty, and she could have spent her life on that typical dependency of government… but she pulled herself up by the bootstraps.” 

“That is exactly what the GOP needs,” Kremer said. 

She also said Pierson can be an inspiration for everyday Americans regardless of party of “what you can do with a little courage” and how they can make an impact without a fancy title or extreme personal wealth. 

Palin echoed similar themes when she endorsed Pierson.

“Her life’s story is full of hardships she has fought to overcome, which taught her firsthand the importance of self-reliance, hard work, and the blessings of liberty,” Palin said of Pierson. “A feisty fighter for freedom, Katrina is taking on a powerful incumbent who has so lost touch with the people of his district that he’s not even bothering to spend much time in Texas anymore.” As Breitbart Texas has reported, “Pierson is a single mother who overcame tremendous adversity and bettered her life. She worked her way from poverty into becoming a healthcare administrator at a Level 1 trauma hospital in downtown Dallas.” 

Pierson, who was one of the earliest supporters of Sen. Ted Cruz’s upstart candidacy when he was at 2% of the polls, has been attacking Sessions for supporting bailouts, raising the debt ceiling and supporting amnesty while not even living in the district he claims to represent.