Wendy Davis Campaign Failures Result in Key Resignation

Wendy Davis Campaign Failures Result in Key Resignation

A critical staff shakeup in the Wendy Davis campaign press shop officially came into effect today as former spokesman and communications director Bo Delp resigned his post to make way for U.S. Senator Reid alum Zac Petkanas. While the announcement may strike surprise for some, the move has been long overdue given left-of-center media coverage of the campaign.

“The Wendy Davis operation is about the worst at media relations that I’ve ever seen,” Texas Observer’s David Mann wrote in January. The Texas Observer and other should-be friendly outlets have held increasing contempt for the Davis media operation since its inception–all of which was helmed by Mr. Delp until recently.

The “media fail[s]” as Politico and Texas Observer have pointed out span the spectrum of possible blunders such an operation can commit. The outlets collected anecdotes from frustrated reporters around the state detailing mild miscommunication to deliberately blocking media from entering events despite being issued media advisories (requests for media to attend). Perhaps most frustrating among established Texas political media has been the alleged favoritism shown toward the Texas Tribune.

Despite hopeful coverage of Delp’s hiring with the Davis campaign as the former Obama Environmental Protection Agency deputy press secretary–the job apparently was not getting done. Delp’s exit clears the way completely for former Reid flack Petkanas.

While Delp said it was “an honor” to work for Davis, he is reportedly looking for greener pastures, according to the San Antonio Express-News.

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