Wendy Davis: Republicans Don't Like 'People Who Don't Look Like Them'

Wendy Davis: Republicans Don't Like 'People Who Don't Look Like Them'

Over the weekend in Austin, Texas, state senator and gubernatorial candidate Wendy Davis suggested that Republicans are intolerant of “those who don’t look like them.” 

The Huffington Post reported that at a Human Rights Campaign PAC, Davis said, “They’re talking about whether they should soften their language on immigration, but we all know where they are because they’ve been talking about it on the airwaves for the last couple of months.”

She continued, “And we know what they really believe and think about people who don’t look like them or come from where they come from.”

The campaign office of Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott, Davis’ gubernatorial opponent, provided Breitbat Texas with a reaction to Davis’ statement.

Abbott said, “The comments made by my opponent are offensive and uninformed. The Republican Party is like my family and Texas as a whole – we are multicultural. Texas Republicans include Hispanic leaders like Supreme Court Justice Eva Guzman, State Representatives Jason Villalba and Larry Gonzales, African American leaders like Representatives Scott Turner and James White, and Asian leaders like Representative Angie Chen Button.”

“The Republican Party includes businessmen and women of every race and background in every region of the state who are proud to call Texas home because we offer opportunity for all,” Abbott continued. “I will not use or condone rhetoric that seeks to divide Texans into different categories.”

Davis’ comments were made on the same day that Abbott called Davis “toxic” in front of a large crowd at the Texas GOP convention in Fort Worth. 

Abbott said, “My opponent’s record is toxic to Texas…Her prescription for Texas is more government, my prescription is more freedom. You deserve a governor who will fight for that freedom, for your freedom, and who will fight for real Texas values. This election is about two very different visions for Texas.”

Breitbart Texas made multiple attempts to reach out to Davis’ campaign office–our calls and emails were not returned. 

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